Mustang Bobby

I have a weber smokey mountain with a bbq guru DigiQ. I am taking this equipment on a hunting trip. One of the nights I will need the smoker to cook while I am away hunting for 3 hours. What meat, starch or veggie combo do you recommend for a 3 hour smoke that will not have someone watching it? I know this is far from ideal but I think I can make it work. I thought large brats would probably be fine at 225 for 3 hours with a starch or veggie that could last 3 hours in a smoker. I appreciate the help and recommendations.
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Bobby, I do potatoes and onions and garlic w/ seasonal in the smoker all the time. I usually cut up 5-6 potato's 2 onions a head of garlic and a chit load of butter and season all, then wrap in foil, toss in smoker and cook till soft. I would assume you could do the same for the potatoes and carrots. Usually I would count on at least 2-3 hours at 235 just start checking em, so it'd be OK while you're hunting. As for meat - wings are usually ready within this period of time, or maybe you can keep them a lil' longer. 


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