Hello all!!

My name is Stan Dobosenski, and I'm a Bbq cook from Fort Ripley, MN.  Here is a bit about my past and how it all started with bbq: I first became a Certified  BBQ Judge, trained by Fast Eddie and Ray Lampe under ABA/ KCBS and judged my first competition the first year the Great Northern Bbq was held in Brainerd, MN (back in the 90's).  I was blown away by the skill, science, and the efforts that went into the cooking of those entries!  After that I couldn't get enough information or do enough research on how to cook great BBQ.

A few years later on a family vacation we stopped at a contest in Alabama where a team invited us into their site and allowed us to help during turn ins. It was on that day I decided we were definitely going to compete.  I started sucking up information, going to classes and doing all I could to prep for jumping into the competition circuit. The bbq forum was one of the main forums I read and researched on.

Fast forward to 2013 my wife and I and our 3 daughters started competing as a Pro Bbq Team called Rub My Rack Bbq.  We got a 5th place call at our first contest and were hooked ever since. Since then we have competed in 69 KCBS contests so far. We are constantly learning, both from classes, mistakes, experiments, books, and sites like this.

This forum has been a major part of our BBQ journey, and I consider Ray Basso a true treasure in BBQ history. I am proud to have purchased the keys to this forum from Ray, and truely look forward to continuing his legacy and vision for sharing BBQ knowledge, recipes and ideas. Thank you all for being part of the forum, and also for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all as we smoke on into the future!
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