Hi guys!

I write you from Spain. I'm thinking about starting grillin the days I'm not doing paellas 🙂

My plan is to learn from the americans (here people seriosly overcook the meat) because i see it more scientific and more precise than an argentinian friend that do everything on a grate without a lid and without thermometers. I started with Meathead's book. I really love it. 

I am thinking of starting with a gas grill (in my place, charcoal in prohibited), a 3 burner weber genesis with sear station. I plan to use it a lot as I live in a motorhome and could be my outdoor oven.

I have to options. Buy a new e335 or get a secondhand genesis 330 (the model discontinued in 2016) (in perfect condition) for half price and put grillgrates on it. 

Does anyone have a personal opinion about that model? Does someone know the maximum temp with all the burners at max? the new e335 is fully covered in many places...

Any recommendation?

Thanks and regards, 


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Hi Emilio:  Welcome to the forum.
Both are excellent choices.  You will undoubtedly save some  a few if you went with the discontinued model, parts, will be easy to come by as Weber will support their grills with parts for many years.  You might try doing a few searches for likely grill parts that you'd probably need, such as grill grates, burners, fittings etc. to see typical availability now.

I can't help you with maximum temp.  Lets just say it's hot enough to cook just about anything. I did find a comparison, which offers lots of information.


Also, pick up a good grilling and bbq cookbook to help get you going.  You can find books by Steven Raichlen which are available everywhere, as well as thousands of other titles.  Styeven's "How To Grill" comes to mind.

Good luck Emilio
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You can make paella on a Weber gas grill.  I'd recommend getting the used grill that's cheaper.  Should last for years with replacing the burners every several years.  Good luck.
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