I spent a LOT of time here back 10-15 years ago (as both UFreak and Rub) and learned a lot. This was the site that did a tremendous amount to bring me into BBQ. Very thankful for those times Ray!

Does anyone know or remember 'Carl 1 Lucky Texan'? He used to post "Zen and the Art of BBQ" pieces that I really liked and saved. I cut the $h!+ out of my thumb yesterday and it reminded me of Carl. He wrote: 
A small crowd had gathered while the Master watched his Disciple slice a brisket for competition. Just as the Disciple finished, the Master said; "Watch out, don't cut yourself!", the Disciple cleaned the blade and carefully put the knife away and began preparing the turn-in box. After the process was complete and the Disciple trotted off with the meat, a man in the crowd approached the Master and asked; "Why did you wait till after the brisket was sliced to warn the Disciple about the knife?" The Master said; “There was little danger while he was focused on slicing, it is when he felt satisfied at completing the task that he was most vulnerable."  

Swamp Boys
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Don, Dueling Bubbas
Hey Rub,

Always read your posts, looks like I still do.

Read "Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" back in the 70's, since then I seem to read anything starting with "Zen & the Art of...".

Hope you're well and cooking happy,

Dueling Bubbas
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Hey Don, great to hear from you again. All is great here, just retired and still cooking and will be grilling more now. Life is good.

Hope you're doing well also. Take care!

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