Hello,  I've been smoking (novice bbq'er) for many years.   Babybacks, Pork Butts...   I have a pretty good recipe.  Its a black-cherry bourbon.  For my babybacks,  I pretty much stick to a 2-2-1 method.
Bone-up 2 hrs on the smoker,  bone-down wrap 2 hours,  then Bone-up on the smoker again for an hour @220-225.   Usually, works out well. 
My situation is Time this weekend....   I have a block of time,  where I can not Tend to my Ribs,  about 4 hours.
I was going to smoke my Ribs for the 1st - 2 hours, then Wrap them, place them in the oven, for 4 hours (maybe @190 degrees).   then back on the smoker, when I get back.   
Do you think this will cause any issues?   I almost think they'll be so tender, they'll completely fall off the bone.  But, I'm just speculating. 
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