Fireworks Steve
Just did a rack on my pellet smoker.
45 min at 180 for heavy smoke uncovered
2:15 at 225  uncovered.
2 hrs in foil at 225
1 hr uncovered at 225 
They came out Very Chewy 
Out side seemed to be overdone  and the inside seemed to be under done ?

What did I do wrong?
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Way to low of a temperature 
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Fireworks Steve
What temp would you use ?
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My recommendation is search for the recipe for Best Ribs in the Universe (BRITU).  Years (many) ago Mike Crutchfield shared his recipe and process with Ray with the okay to publish.  I have modified the rub recipe, but still find his process produces perfect ribs each and every time.  It is basically three hours at 225* (do not open the lid), and then 250-275 (all vents open, low smoke) for 1-2 hours until ribs look done (and he tells you what that is).  I do not foil, but spray my ribs with apple juice or beer or root beer or Dr. Pepper every thirty minutes when I raise the temperature.
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