So I have this really nice 12lb packer .. soooo looking forward to doing my best with it .. But then this snowstorm shows up... word is sno all night and turning to freezing rain toward monring.  I was planning on putting this thing on around midnight and letting it go for dinner tomorrow afternoon.  My concern is doing this in a snowstorm.  Now I have this thing .. question is what to do with it. I have read you can do one in a regular oven .. same way .. low temp for many hours. No smoke but I have people coming .. I'm not sure what options I have.   Now if I do everything the same it should cook the same right? 260 until the stall .. then I wrap ... So I mean it will cook ok .. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to make it as similar as possible.  I heard use some liquid smoke but .. 

Hoping somebody here has tried this ....
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Hey pard-
It feels dirty discussing this on this particular forum, but here goes! 😂
I am a die-hard meat smoker.  Low & slow.  People have me smoke brisket for events of all kinds.
But I have a deep dark secret.  Don't tell anyone.  
My mother makes brisket in the oven.  Yes, she does.  And not only have I not surrendered my birthright.....
I it.  Yes, I do.
Now, its NOT the same thing.  I don't even consider it brisket per se, but it is delicious!  Just a completely different food type.  
I've never attempted it myself, but I do know that it involves Claude's Brisket Sauce, which you can find in just about any grocery store.  So you might just grab a bottle and read the directions?  I know she cooks it for a long time as far as oven cooking goes, but not nearly as long as you smoke a brisket.  Anyway, hope this helps?
Just..........again..........don't tell anyone.  I have my reputation to think of you know....

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