Hey guys, first post here looking for some advice. Im living up in wisconsin and am considering buying a pellet smoker, really interested in the rec tec bull or yoder ys640.

I understand yoder is made in the USA which is cool and standard comes with a few things the rec rec doesn't but is it worth the extra roughly 500 bucks for the yoder. 

Either way I was going to put on a thermal cover as winter's up here stuck n id like to use the machine year round. 

That being said im mainly looking at this purchase as a smoker not necessarily a grill.  I got a weber 4 burner and 22 kettle to handle the grilling and am currently using a 18 wsm for my smoker. Only reason id like to change to pellet is I got one kid with another coming real soon, working 60 hours a week and on third shift, would really rather spend the time with the kid instead of babysitting a smoker and actually get some sleep in the process. 

Let me know what ya think. 
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I have an old Traeger when they were built in Oregon and am not impressed due to the uneveness in heat between one end and the other. I am still using it after 13 years, it replaced a WSM, and I have replaced the digital control with an Ortec unit.  Costco carries a couple different types of smokers that look interesting to me, and you can always return it if you are not satisfied.  
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Tom R
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