Hello- We are going to be cooking some bone in roasts and the issue is we need to reduce the cook time to around 6hrs.
We have 2 10 lb bone in roasts. I have done some reading and some say that cutting them in half will reduce the time, not by half but by some. The party wants to serve around 3pm.
Question: Should we cut them in half across the bone or just de-bone them?
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Yes, debone them and cook till center is 195-200° or it easily pulls apart. To get even faster results wrap in foil around 165° and unwrap around 185-190° to re-establish bark. Save all drippings and defat to add back to the meat, sauces on the side. Doing ahead of time will get you off the time clock!!!
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Venessa Liu
why not use a grill mat to prevent from sticking? I know YRYM HT BBQ grill mat is quite great to keep from sticking!
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