I'm new 

Im from germany and i will try to smoke and need your Help 

Sorry for my Bad englisch 
And sorry i dort know the us temp Fahrenheit and the online Masse i know is KG but i hope you can Help me
So i will smoke an 4 KG entrecote with bone in an self bild  smoker 

My smoker have an Walther Tank and an direkt h heat from  behind and from the ground 
I can hold the thempur werry good  At the 80 C Celsius (176F)

My meat habe 4-5 KG (8,8 pfund)
core temperature sould be At 56C Celsius (132,8F)
And my smoker temp i Think will be At 80C (176F)Celsius
I hope it wile be done in about 10h

So please be nice and Help me

And sorry for my verry bad englisch 
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Generally, smokers (low and slow cooking) are better for fatter, lower quality meets, and not so good for leaner cuts.  Your entrecote is the equivalent of a ribeye.  These "better" cuts of meat generally do better grilled at high heat where the outside is seared, sealing in the meat juices.  With, for example, a 260* Celsius (500* Fahrenheit) temperature, one would sear each side for six minutes, getting to around 56* C., a medium to medium-rare.

Good luck.
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