Hey guys! I am doing some research for a company I will be involved with. They are throwing the idea around of purchasing an old fire truck and flipping it into a traveling smoker (food truck more less). Has this been done before? Any do's or don'ts? Anything you would personally add if you were building from the ground up?

I clearly dont have experience with this so I'm looking for any and all honest advice! Thanks so much in advance!
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Fire trucks can be purchased fairly cheap relative to the same size used work truck.  The fire departments keep them well maintained and most of them will have very low mileage for the age of the vehicle.  These are heavy trucks and get very poor miles per gallon and are typically not meant for highway speeds. 
Can it be turned into a food truck?  Sure.  But it is going to be very costly.  First you'll have to remove all of the fire fighting equipment that comes with the truck and then find someone to fabricate what you want.  Look up Ted Reader from Canada.  He has one that he converted. 
I think it would be a fun project.  I'd just hate to be the one paying for the project.

Good luck.

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Tom R
There was a team a few years back that competed in Bikes Blues and BBQ with one.
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Interesting idea.  About a couple of decades ago I was touring the Texas hill country with Hound dog and saw quite a few interesting smokers.  One that I always remember was made from an old tractor.
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Jack Daniels
Check with David at Klose pits. He used to have one with plans to convert using similar ideas as to your plans.
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Hey a guy here in town has built a BBQ Business around the fire truck...seems to be pretty successful
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