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I create different stoves and fireplaces. This is one of my design works. I want to present the barbecue, which is built in the shape of a parabolic arch (or Gaudi's parabolic arch). The idea of this project was born 2 years ago and attracted customer’s attention this past spring. The idea was interesting for Alexandr and Olga. We inserted amendments upon the materials, size, and proceeded to the detailed project. During the working process we came up with an idea to install glass-ceramics at the top of parabola for an irreplaceable pleasure to watch the whole flame. The chimney was lined with old copper. Countertops were placed at different levels and covered with granite, which is what makes them both beautiful and convenient. The sink was closed with figured casing. Such visual solution had been borrowed from Alexandr Shalamov’s works, though the structural design of my project was different. As a result, we’ve got a visually light-weight and gauzy, originally-shaped, flame-view construction.
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