So I live in Barcelona, Spain, and I’ve been trying to find somewhere to get a whole Packer brisket for smoking. This is very difficult as it’s an American cut and not one most Butchers here would know anything about.


Finally found a specialist butcher who stemmed to know about good meat, get their beef from a good, small farm etc. and were able to tell me the breed, feed, how they age the meat etc. They also seemed to know what I was talking about in terms of the cut and what I wanted it for.


When I collected it yesterday this is what they gave me. I think it’s a good piece of dry aged beef from the right area of the cow but obviously not the packer cut (I did ask them to leave it un trimmed).


What I’m trying to work out is what parts of the point/flat I’ve got and how best to trim it for smoking?

Thanks in advance!
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