Posted by jazzy on March 15, 2018 at 16:07:24:

So this is what I'm thinking...
Take a whole corned packer. Boil with seasonings as usual. Add what ever veggies you want. Remove from seasoned water when done. Save the water and chill. When the water is chilled the fat will congeal on the top. When that happens scrape the fat and save. Remove point from flat. Shred or chunk up flat, what ever it wants to do. Return that meat back to pot with all the veggies except some of the cabbage. Add a few soft veggies if you wish, artichoke hearts, etc. Also sausage, corn, whatever. Add "a specified" amount of seasoned water. Add rice and cook until water is absorbed and rice is done. Voila! Irish jambalaya is born.
Now, with the point.
Cube up the point as you would making burnt ends. Take each cube and butterfly cut it like say you were making a slider with a Kings Hawaiian roll. Then take a bit of the cabbage and make a sandwich with each cube as the meat itself would be the bread. Place each cube in a pan.
Take the congealed fat and make a roux. Heat some seasoned water on stovetop and add roux to make a sauce. Dip each cube in the sauce and put in a pan. Put the pan in the oven and heat. Voila!
Irish burnt ends!

Good idea? Bad idea? What say you?


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