10th Annual Smokin the Fort BBQ & Music Festival
 Fort Gibson, OK
Grand Champion: BUFFALO'S BBQ

Border War Barbeque Osawatomie, KS
Grand Champion: BULL CREEK BBQ

Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitation Barbecue Lynchburg, TN
Grand Champion: BUTCHER BBQ
Results In    Number of Teams: 102    High Score: 700.5372

Jack Daniel's World Championship Shade Tree Contest (BACKYARD) (JUDGES FULL) Lynchburg, TN
Grand Champion: Bull & Bones
Results In    Number of Teams: 41  

Fourth Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship(KOSHER SERIES) Dallas, Texas
Results In
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Wow, I've been out of the competition loop for too long!  I only recognized maybe 3 team names in the posting of the Jack results!  Thanks for posting those, Ray.

What do the asterisks mean?

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