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Been more than a few years since I have posted here, so long I didn't remember my old name!  We are a Pit BBQ Caterers in the NY Hudson Valley, been at it for over 15 years.  We cater about 35 events a year.  We have been thru 3 Lang 84's, we must have over 500 cooks on Langs.

Recently a curious problem that I have never encountered popped up.  If we put chicken on both the upper and lower shelves, the chicken on the upper shelf takes on a blacker "sooty" appearance.  The chicken on the lower shelf does not.  It does not matter which end of the pit we put the chicken on, we get the same effect, blacker look on top, normal on bottom.

We always cook with the chimney fully opened, and we use seasoned, dry wood.  Our fire up method has never changed, 2 chimney starters of Kingsford, then a mix of hickory and oak wood.  Typically, the chicken is not in the pit when we start the pit up.

No difference in taste, but I don't like the look of the product, even after saucing.  Scratching my head trying to figure out what is going on in there.  Any clues?
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Don, Dueling Bubbas

Just guessing... you're building up some smoke in the top part of your Lang.

Even though "We always cook with the chimney fully opened", over time creosote and "debris" will build up inside your chimney/exhaust and restrict the flow/exhaust of your smoke... end result is build up of smoke in the top part of your cooker and a layer of soot on your meats.

Recommend you wire brush/scrub the inside of your chimneys/exhaust and probably the inside ceiling/roof surface of your Lang.


Dueling Bubbas
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Thanks Don, we were b'sing over here and we came up with cleaning the chimney.  Will also give the top section of the pit a scrubbing.

2 events this weekend, will post the result, and thanks for the tip!
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