I'm new here, there doesn't seem to be boards for categorization so I hope this is in the right place.

I got a used gas grill off someone and as it turned out needed a few parts. This particular char-broil model requires a trough and doesn't use those burner tents. The trough that came with it was completely rusted through and had a large gaping hole so I replaced that. Also didn't get any spark and I ended up tracing that problem to needing a new igniter module. I got spark at all the electrodes now and the burners that came with it were rusted. I didn't bother trying to rescue them so I just went to order a set of new burners. The company was out of stock on the particular burners for my grill so I went and bought a "universal adjustable" burners off ebay for cheap. I got them installed and they seem to fit fine, however they don't have a place to mount the carryover tubes that I also replaced.

Option 1: Is it okay if I just leave the carryover tubes off if it just means manually lighting each burner (although I don't see why I'd have to if each burner has it's own electrode)? I talked to customer support and the guy told me these tubes didn't affect cooking in any way.

Option 2: Would it be safe If I was to modify my replacement burners by drilling a hole in them where the carryovers mounted on the old burners, then secure the carryovers to the burners with a screw and washer?
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