Hi there, My name is Dean. I live in Somerset, England. 
Recently I bought a duel fuel bbq and want to use the charcoal side for low n slow cooking. I ha e no idea where to start and not sure if my grill is able to do that style of cooking. 
Would also be great to hear any hints, tips or ideas about which meats are easier than others etc. 
I'll load some pictures of what I have to work with. 

Dean IMG-20200405-WA0004.jpeg  IMG-20200405-WA0008.jpeg  IMG-20200405-WA0006.jpeg 
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Hi Dean, nice grill man! Yes absolutely I'd say your equipment is more than capable of what you are after. When I first started Q'n I used chicken thighs and leg quarters the most. Also pork shoulder too. Both have a very generous window of doneness regarding internal temp. Let know what specific technique questions you might have and I will try to help how I can. 
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How much coal, probably briquettes, would I use to start with? How often should I top them up? For something like a pork shoulder, how often do I need to open the main lid to check it and will this affect the cooking time as I'll be loosing the heat? 

Many thanks. 
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