Dennis Miner
been bbqing for a long time  most on an offset pit,  then a treager which I really like but looking to get into competitions  first one is scheduled for Aug 4.  So I got a 22.5 in WSM  tried it yesterday for first time with some mixed results. Ribs were overcooked fell off the bone  no bite, and a bit under seasoned   but very moist.  Next weekend doing a brisket for our kids then will concentrate on ribs till the contest (it is just a rib contest )  will keep everyone informed of how it goes
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I liked my WSM results better when I put sand in the water pan and covered it with heavy duty foil.  It still acted as a heat sink, but I felt I had better control than the large container of hot water that also cannot get over 212*.  Several others also liked the performance better with dirt rather than water.
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