I am looking to upgrade, I am staying with charcoal/wood  would like to stay under $400
I am leaning towards the Bandera, but still considering Dyna Glo Signature
I know pretty much either will need some leak sealing performed
Does anyone have experience or preference with these smokers or other verticals under $400?
I have a Weber Performer kettle, a Napoleon kettle and a mid-range Brinkmann normal offset currently
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I have had a Bandera smoker for over 15 years. You can smoke a lot of meat with one, but unless you like to baby sit a smoker, it will take a lot of modifications to get it to have a burn time of much over two hours. I do not know anything about the Dyna Glo smoker. My suggestion would be a 22" Weber Smokey Mountain. It should be in your $400 price range. With some practice you can set the Smokey Mountain up and smoke for 10+ hours without having to touch it.
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