Hi! Thanks for taking the time to help! I’m helping my dad with his smoked Turkey Legs Adventure, but I need some advice; we will be using an Ole Hickory Pitts (Model ELC)— does anyone have any recommendations for cooking time/temperature? 

Does anyone have any experience/preferences with Stahl-Meyer vs. Carl’s Smoked Turkey Legs (avg. 25-30 oz ea.) I believe both are Frozen & Smoked, but the Carl's (Eddys) are Pre-Cooked, so I'm assuming the cooking time in a smoker for those would be less than the Stahl-Meyers? If the turkey legs are pre-cooked then they only need to reach an internal temp of 140 F, as opposed to 165 F min for Stahl-Meyer's.. correct??

Also, what is the best method for thawing these bad boys? I've had a few cases in the refrigerator for several days but they're STILL frozen solid and basically ice bricks!? I've been keeping them refrigerated at <40 F.

Someone recently recommended spraying them with some Apple juice and water before putting them into the smoker to help retain moisture, has anyone tried this? Another person mentioned honey?? Should the turkey legs be wrapped in anything, and if so, what, and at what point? 

If we want to produce a large quantity of turkey legs what’s the best method for rotating and or keeping the turkey legs at the correct holding temperatures? 

Basically, I need to learn everything there is to know about Smoking Turkey Legs ASAP lol

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