Hellooo everybody! Its been ... 10 years I guess!!! 
I see the forum has changed a lot 
So I will just re- introduce myself. ! 
I live in denmark, Europe. I grew up in the Samoa islands. All the americans there introduced me to slow bbq.
I got into kamado BBQ in the mid 00s ... so much so I asked George from primo to give me the agency for denmark
...that went kinda well, until the finance crisis..!! ...then my awesome buddy Stig in denmark took over and rode out
the storm...!! hmmmm maybe he will let me sell primos again.. for him? :v 

anyway this post is of an oval xl primo just before it cooks ribeyes at crazy heat... and then it rains. 
on the pic its all steam !! no smoke at all !!
...anyway great to be back here !! :-) 

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