This is going to be hard to do, and I might not finish it tonight. Today I just learned of the passing of Ken Johnson, a very dear friend from Topeka, KS. Ken and I have been friends through competition bbq, the BBQ Forum, and FB since 2002. Ken was a retired Topeka PD officer, with a beautiful family and his wonderful wife Karen. Ken had been ill for quite some time, but that never kept him from being who the man he was, that I have always known. Ken wasn't a big man, but I guarantee you that 90% of his body weight was his heart. He gave so much energy and love to everything he did. What an inspiration he was to those that really knew him. We had so much fun and enjoyment when we were together, either face to face or on the computer. Friendly jokes and real friendship. Hard to find that these days. Sorry, I'll have to finish this later. Will miss you Ken.

Ken Johnson RIP. In May of 2007, after an F5 tornado destroyed 92% of Greensburg, KS, Ken came up with the idea of getting a bunch of bbq guys together and going to Greensburg to cook for them and give them back a little bit of comfort. So with the help of The BBQ Forum we started to assemble teams, supplies and develop the logistics for Operation BBQ for Greensburg. Marshal Law had been declared there so it took the help of the Governor of Kansas to clear the path for us. We made it work, in fine fashion. Ken's dedication to this project was exceptional to say the least. This was just one example of the kind of man he was. Very caring and giving. I am proud to say that Ken was a very good friend, not only to me, but probably most of the people that ever met him. He was very well respected in his police department and in his community. God speed Ken, you will be deeply missed by all.

Ken had end stage pulmonary fibrosis and heart disease secondary to the first and was hospitalized several times in the last few months. He was VERY  short of breath even at rest! Hopefully he is finally taking some well deserved deep breaths at last and has a great new beginning!!!
Steve want this posted here for some of the oldtimers that new him here....very sad, but he struggles no more💔
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Man that is just such sad news! Ken was such a good person! I'm thankful that I got to know him and meet him at the Royal years ago. I have a couple sauce recipes he shared with me that I still cherish. RIP Ken
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