Hello all, 


Just a quick primer on me. I'm 42 years old but never really BBQ'd until this past year. My father passed away at a young age and I have no grandparents or extended family, so I've really relied on youtube to teach me the basics. One things that I haven't found an appropriate place to ask.......


When my meat is done, for instance ribs, can I continue to smoke it (and by smoke I mean in the indirect heat of a propane grill) to further tenderize it? Or will it overcook by doing so? I have a rack I just pulled off that tastes good and looks good but it's too tough. I have a second rack that is on right now that I'd like to keep going until it's more tender, but it's cooked already. 


Thank you. 

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Rick in WV
Wrap it in foil and make sure you have a good digital thermometer to check end temperature.
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