I have a Craftsman grill with 3 burners, a searing burner and a pot burner on the outside.
A few minutes after firing up the regular burners and the searing burner the searing burner makes a poping sound and then it keeps making a loud hissing sound. 
Can someone tell me what is going on? Is it dangerous? Can I continue to use it? 
I like to use it when cooking Tri-Tip. I put the meat on the opposite end and use the searing burner plus the next 2 burners to supply the heat without burning the meat. 

Any assistance appreciated.
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Please check for gas leaks on the searing burner. Mix a batch of dishwashing liquid and water, and spray or brush the burner when it's making the hissing sound.  If it bubbles, it's got issues.  Then make decision about repair or replace if it's leaking gas.
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