Hi Everyone,

My first post and a relatively amateur BBQer. I do use charcoal and have a Weber grill. 

I'd like to serve burgers and BBQ ribs. I remember a couple of years ago doing this, but can't remember the timing of things. I do remember getting stressed out about making sure ribs were done on time. I think I had a recipe where they cooked for about 2 hours or so.

I think my main worry is how much charcoal to use and what happens if the temperature goes down. Can I add briquettes to the grill easily to bump up the temp?

I think I should start coooking the ribs around 3:30pm or so if we plan to eat around 6:00pm? Would charcoal last for that long or would I need to throw some briquettes on? Would I have enough heat to cook the burgers around 6:00pm?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

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Add at least 2hrs to your rib timeline. When I cook spare ribs it takes approx 2hrs to get to right color, then another two to get to proper tenderness after wrapped. It will be a touch less for commodity ribs, as well as back ribs. This is at 275-300° cook temp. Add more time if it is a lower cook temp. As far as adding coals, sure you can do that but feed it out of a chimney after they are lit if possible. That said though, google the minion method, or charcoal snake, and you will find a bunch of examples of how to max your cook time without replenishing coals.
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