A brisket in all its juicy deliciousness forms one of the Big 3s of BBQ along with ribs and pork shoulder. We all know how mouth-watering a well-smoked brisket is when it is served hot and steaming to you in a restaurant or at a friend’s BBQ party.

But when you try achieving the same taste and flavor by smoking a brisket at home, you may often fall short of your own expectations. The reason why you are not able to get that great taste may be because you are not smoking a brisket properly.

It does take some effort to smoke a brisket perfectly. However, here are some tried and tested tips and suggestions from Aaron Franklin, who is the host of BBQ with Franklin, and owner of Austin’s Franklin Barbeque, on how to smoke a perfect brisket.

All you need to do is follow these steps and we guarantee that at the end of it, all you will do is enjoy the delicious brisket.

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Karen Adler from BBQQueens
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