I've had the BEST luck selling excess BBQ equipment on The BBQ Forum, so I thought I'd post this here.  I've owned this pit since 2006 and have regularly maintained it.  It was built alongside Tuffy Stone's first J3.  Back then Geer Pits was the common name but Jamie was transitioning to Jambo Pits.  Mine is special -- it has a door for a wood fire AND it has a door with a pellet-fire system on it.  Both are included.  I have a heavy, high dollar charcoal basket for it and 2 fire grates.  The access hatch for the under-pit storage area is NOT under the work shelf in front of the cooker doors and it's completely removable for easy access to the area.  You'll need to get your own dolly to move it.  I do have a wheel that goes in the front.

I want $13,000 for it.  It won't go for less.
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