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Does anyone have a decent recipe for 5 or ten pounds?

Thanks in advance,
Cape Cod

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Posted by Jackitup on February 28, 2018 at 01:29:14:

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Bigwheel's Genuine Texas Hotlinks (Revised 11/21/02)

6-7 lbs. Boston Butt
1 bottle beer (Try Shiner Bock)
2 T. coarse ground black pepper
2 T. crushed red pepper
2 T. Cayenne
2 T. Hungarian Paprika
1 T. Morton's Tender Quick
2 T. Kosher Salt
2 T. Whole Mustard Seeds
1/4 cup minced fresh garlic
1 T. granulated garlic
1 T. MSG
1 t. ground bay leaves
1 t. whole anise seeds
1 t. coriander
1 t. ground thyme

Mix all the spices, cure, and garlic into the beer and place in refrigerator while you cut up the meat to fit in the grinder. Pour the spiced beer over the meat and mix well. Run meat and spice mixture through the fine plate and mix again. Stuff into medium hog casings. Smoke or slow grill till they are done. Wrap in a piece of bread and slap on the mustard heavy. Bob Wills music and Lone Star Beer on the side.


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