It's very hard for me to talk about this but I have to. Over the last two years since I started this new barbecue forum I have not been of I have not been in good health I'm not going to: do all this details what I've gone through, but my health is deteriorating to the point that I need to move on with this forum and find somebody else to run it if possible.

I'm interested in selling the forum to someone who has some skills in working with the software so they can increase it's value to the members

If you're interested in talking to me about it please contact me with a private message on this forum and include your phone number so I can get in touch with.
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Ray, a bunch of us go back a long ways with you and your original Barbecue Forum. It is my opinion that you were one of the great behind the scenes AMBASSADORS OF BARBECUE.

It is sad to hear of your health decline, age will do that to us all.

It sounds like you will be very selective as to who you sell to. And that just shows your love and devotion for the forum that we all learned from and became good friends with.

Good luck to you buddy and if ever I can be of assistance you need but to ask.

Tom Hoefer aka Shingleman
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Don, Dueling Bubbas
You and your Forum have been sources for me to meet many friends and learn many lessons about BBQ and other areas of missing knowledge in my noggin.
You are in my thoughts and hope you have a miracle or two come your way and solve your health issues.
You've touched many, many lives... there are others yet to be touched by you and your Forum... get well Bubba Ray.

Dueling Bubbas 
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Fair winds brother, wish you all the best, you certainly gave us yours over the years, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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yoh pig
Ray, I've been a lurker for the most part on this forum but have learn so much about bbq from here & the old Barbecue News forums. I appreciate the hard work you've put into it and
can't thank you enough for providing the guys with this forum over the years. Used to hit this place up many times a day. I wish you well and hope your health will take a turn to the good.
Thanks again for memories!
(Still love your Mom's homemade bread! - from your recipe)
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