Twas the night before Christmas
And all thru the pit
Not a item was moving,
Not even the spit.
The utensils were hung on the smoker with care,
in hopes the Q-team soon would be there.

The team was enroute in an old pickup truck,
to run out of a gas might just be their luck.
I in my jacket and Ma in her apron,
were reading a menu, the air smelled like bacon.

When out on the yard, there was a loud crash,
I thought the old man might be makin' sour mash.
Out of the tent, running fast as I could,
OH, how I tripped on that dam pile of wood!

When what to my dirt filled eyes should appear,
but a shiny new rig and 6 pigs dressed as reindeer.
With a driver whose stomach , it just wouldn't budge.
I knew in a minute it must be St Judge!

More rapid than chickens runnin' round in the yard.
he spoke to his team, sounding like the Bard.
"Now Pork Butt, now Ham Hock, now Pig Snout and Knuckles,
On Bacon, on Riblets," I let out a chuckle.
"To the top of the tent, to the top of the smoker,
now run away, run away, you little porker."

So up to the smoker, the piggies they flew.
They followed the route, they knew what to do.
Then in an instance, on top of my rig.
The piggies, they balanced, like doing a jig.

Almost tipping again, and almost went "plop",
I turned and saw judge rip open the top.
He was dressed in his blue jeans and BBQ cap.
I swear I'll quit drinkin', oh please let me nap.

His eyes, they were smoke filled,
his clothes splattered with sauce.
And in his great judge tent,
for he was boss.

His mouth in the corner, was covered with Q,
and in judging contestants, he knew what to do.
He held in his teeth an old chewed bone.
"To do my job right, I must do it alone."

He had a broad face and stomach to beat.
"This comes from eating 4 pounds of meat.
some teams, they cook good 'que,
and some teams they don't.
Some people will learn,
and some people won't."

"Been all over this nation, been tasting some 'que.
And even found Yankees who knew what to do.
So this bit of advice I will give you tonight.
Presentation is all to make it right!"

He went to his rig and the piggies for hire,
they flew away fast like their butts were on fire.
And I heard him exclaim as he gave them a nudge,
"Just do as I say and don't anger a judge!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

..........Brian & Candy******************EB's Bar-B-Que

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Ho ho ho...Laughing, and thank you.

Dare we try one on line?

I'll start.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. a seasoned cord of pear wood.
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...???
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