My old Weber gas grill $#^%-the-bed after about 20 years so I need a new grill.  I started shopping online and noticed the Weber S-470 gas grill includes a separate burner and smoke box.  I'm wondering how good a job it does Q-ing.  Mostly what I care about is that I would keep it between 220-250F without any hot spots.   I'm not a pro and only need enough space for family use.  One or two flats, a couple racks of ribs, OR a couple butts; not all at the same time, just two big pieces at a time.

I'm not hard-core BBQer but do like to smoke from time to time and probably would do it more often if I had a gas rig.  I have a WSM I use with charcoal but the biggest factor for me is I hate cleaning it.   But I don't Q enough to warrant spending big $$$ on both a grill and a smoker.

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