My dearly departed BBQ of 12 years finally died due to the elements that mother earth threw at her and i'm looking to replace her (I'm sorry, is this to soon?  No..i'm HUNGRY!!!).
I've always wanted to get a Weber grill as they have a great reputation and usually have great warranties.

I've started looking at the Weber Spirit II E-310. We don't need anything huge so a 3 burner is fine.  I stopped by Home Depot tonight to take a look at it.  I see a LOT of plastic and the hood is a thin piece of sheet metal.  This didn't make me feel very secure.  Some of the plastic parts I could possibly see as useful, to cut down on possible rust. But the hood (kinda shaky) felt a bit funky.
For the price tag of $450 (yes it has a 10 yer warranty) I am wondering if this is worth it.
I didn't see another thread on here for reviews on this model so excuse me if I missed new here).

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this and/or other options that are under the $500 mark for a solid BBQ that a meat lover would be proud to grill on.

Thanks people!
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Can't speak about the E-310 as I have not used one.  I do know that the Genesis models were a great grill that Weber produced for about 25 years.  You can still find them for sale on Craigslist and recently Facebook Market Place.  They vary in condition, but good working models do become available often.  Weber still supports them with parts available to refurbish.  I would look for the Silver C (three burner) or Gold C Stainless (3 burner) models.  You can also get parts from eReplacements. Also on eBay you can find heavy stainless flavorizer bars and heavy grates from RCPlanebuyer that will probably outlast your lifetime. 

Good luck in your search.

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