This weekend I wanted to put an end to the debate. The question of what kind of ribs are better? Dry rub or BBQ sauce? I think dry rub, and everyone agreed except for one person! What do you guys think?

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I prefer dry rub.
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oh please!


*everyone* knows the key to perfect ribs is to boil them before you put them in the crock pot with a bottle of Heinz BBQ sauce.


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This is subjective, like what is better, vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  I personally prefer cooking my ribs with dry rub, I never foil, and then in the last 20 minutes or so, I bring up the temperature on the smoker, slather the dry ribs with sauce (both spicy for those who like that and sweet for those who like sweet), and leave some dry.  I flip the ribs over to carmelize the sauce while covering the other side.  Once carmelized, I flip over again until carmelized, remove, slice, and serve.

I tend to use commercial sauces (I like Stubb's spicy), but also will adulterate the sauce depending on my mood.  Sweet Baby Ray's, 5 parts to 1 part honey, is enjoyed by many.  A bit of bourbon in the spicy is good.  Or an apple barbecue sauce.  YMMV.
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I like Obie's Yankee Blaster dry rub only over pecan and oak smoke. Sauce is a sign of mistakes to be covered up. 
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I like dry rub.  Cooked to finish with no foil, sauce served on the side.  I prefer spares to baby backs. 
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My family and I also prefer dry rub. When cooked well, the rub almost makes it's own sauce and permeates through the initial layer of the meat. Sauce can always be served on the side for those who prefer sauce. I have made ribs several ways - sauce only, dry rub only, and combination dry rub and a couple of layers of sauce the last 30 minutes of cooktime. We have definitely prefered the rub with sauce on the side, which most of the time isn't used. I agree with Mark, it's all about personal preference and trying a few things out! 

Only caveat to this - when I have made ribs on the gas/charcoal grill or oven without smoke (I know, I know...sacrilegious), sauce only is the way to go! 
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