I am finally moving out of my divorce necessitated apartment where I could not have a gas grill to a place where I can.

I have $500-600 to get a new one.  Want to start w a gas grill first I think!!

What should I get?  Help!


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Did you consider taking a portable grill, there are great option less expensive. You might be interested in the Weber Q2200, go check out my review : We reviewed other options too, go take a look!!

Good luck in your search!!

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A gas grill is great for the ease and speed, just preheat and it is ready to go in 15 minutes each and every time.  I don't have a good answer for the best gas grill in this price range, as in my experience they all had limitations.  (I use a DCS grill that is 19 years old and used year-round.  It has been covered the last 12 years, but exposed to the elements.  It gets hot enough to sear steaks, and low enough to do fish and chicken really well.)

If you want to cook steaks, you need really high heat.  Many of the cheaper grills just don't get hot enough.  My experience is Webers are challenged except when calm and hot outside.  One can get a high BTU grill to solve this heat problem, but the next challenge is whether or not the grill will do lower temperatures for fish and chicken.  Webers have excellent temperature control, the cheaper grills less so.  5 burners is one way to help, as you have the option of only using 3 burners to get lower heat.  Webers are by far the best built, and stand up to the elements.  Get a cheaper grill and be prepared to replace burners, grates, firebox, etc. every 1-3 years depending on usage.  The good news is that parts are readily available for most grills.  The downside is you need some expertise to do it yourself.

My grill buying experience from Home Depot has been excellent, with the option of having the grill assembled at no extra cost by them.  One does need a large vehicle or tieing it to their roof to get the grill home.

Good luck!
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