Hi All,

I have lurked for a while, this is my first post. 

So I want to use wood for my bbq. 
My two options are Olive (from Spain) or Camelthorn / Kameeldoring from South Africa. 

The Olive is fine as it is within the EU and there is no problem with importing. 
However a friend mentioned to me, that any wood imported into the UK from outside the EU would be subject to strict EU rules, and would have to be sprayed for potential pests before it would be cleared by customs. If this is the case, I am not sure I am keen to cook food on open fire with wood that has been sprayed with chemicals. 

Any thoughts?

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Venessa Liu

I think it is no need to worry. In order to kill the pests, there might be some chemicals applied to the tree. But it is nearly to vanish for a long time! Just buy from formal market.
You can wrap meat with YRYM HT butcher paper while smoking, which can help keep moisture and tender.

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It sounds like the wood is cut and dried and when it reaches customs, it get sprayed? If so, I would hesitate
to use it for fear that the burning residue of the spray may cause an off taste to your 'Q or worse,
cause a harmful reaction when consumed. I think, I would opt for the olive wood as it is common to many
of the EU countries. A lot of Paellas are cooked over olive wood in Spain. Other fruit and nut woods can
also be used such as apple. Welcome to the forum.
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