• Pellet Smoker Hot Spot (the whole bottom)

    I just purchased a Pit Boss 700 FB smoker. My first cook was a 5 lb brisket. The taste was great, nice amount of smoky flavor, smoke ring, but......

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    Started by sjpaul

  • Oklahoma Joe Bandera vs Dyna Glo vertical smoker ???

    I am looking to upgrade, I am staying with charcoal/wood would like to stay under $400 I am leaning towards the Bandera, but still considering Dyna...

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    Started by Dshifter

  • Smoking beef jerky on a pit boss

    hey y’all I’m new here and this is my first post, well I’m actually new to bbq really I just got a pit boss and I’m on my second...

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    Started by BergieBBQ

  • Is this a scam????

    So I am in the market of buying a new smoker. I feel comfortable purchasing and knowing what to purchase, but I came across this site...

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    Started by Como5283

  • Anyone Remember "Carl 1 Lucky Texan"

    I spent a LOT of time here back 10-15 years ago (as both UFreak and Rub) and learned a lot. This was the site that did a tremendous amount to bring...

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    Started by Rub

  • Easy to use temp control

    Hello!!! I recently purchased a used custom gravity feed reverse flow vertical smoker. I’m having a hard time controlling temp. I have read a...

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    Started by CJC5151

  • Cote de boeuf

    Hello I'm new Im from germany and i will try to smoke and need your Help Sorry for my Bad englisch And sorry i dort know the us temp Fahrenheit...

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    Started by Drinkwithme

  • Mistake was made during trimming brisket. Help me please!

    Dear All, Please, i need some help. Today i just received my first whole brisket.(angus greather omaha). I trimmed it for next day smoking. I was...

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    Started by Gwn



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    Started by jgulino

  • Babybacks 2-2-1 Method

    Hello, I've been smoking (novice bbq'er) for many years. Babybacks, Pork Butts... I have a pretty good recipe. Its a black-cherry bourbon. For...

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    Started by semperfi2003

  • Weber Spirit II E-310 reviews

    My dearly departed BBQ of 12 years finally died due to the elements that mother earth threw at her and i'm looking to replace her (I'm sorry, is this...

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    Started by Aeros

  • Flank steak in the smoker?

    Guys, I am making fajitas this weekend as was wondering if I can cook flank steak at 225 in a smoker or should I just grill it? If i can smoke the...

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    Started by Mustang Bobby

  • Beef tongue advised

    Hi I am from Thailand owner/chef of a restaurant call Sweet Pista. I testing smoked beef tongue. Question is how tender beef tongue can be. What...

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    Started by dongeranger


    MATT'S BBQ PITS, LLC. http://www.mattsbbqpits.com We build Heavy Duty Custom Trailer pits, Backyard Smokers, Grilling pits, Vertical Smokers,...

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    Started by mattsbbqpits

  • Did you know?

    May is National BBQ Month. May is National BBQ Month—a time to salute and celebrate delicious barbeque! Ray Basso

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    Started by rayb

  • Flame Boss vs BBQ Guru for Primo Ceramic XL

    Looking for some pros/cons concerning Flame Boss fire controller vs BBQ Guru. Would like to here from some of the pros and others on your experience...

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    Started by Primo1

  • Fire truck smoker???

    Hey guys! I am doing some research for a company I will be involved with. They are throwing the idea around of purchasing an old fire truck and...

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    Started by UDbbq

  • Buying a pellet cooker

    Hey guys, first post here looking for some advice. Im living up in wisconsin and am considering buying a pellet smoker, really interested in the rec...

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    Started by Dalden46

  • Do it yourself. 11 original grill designs.

    Do it yourself. 11 original grill designs. https://www.ebay.com/sch/avacha2000/m.html?_nkw= _armrs=1 _ipg= _from=

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    Started by Andrei

  • Bradley Smokers

    What is the feeling on Bradley Smokers. I have an old barrel smoker with an offset fire box. I’m looking for something that is less hassle, I can...

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    Started by Mike H

  • How Constant Should Your Smoke Be?

    Hello wonderful world of BBQ! I'm newer to bbq smoking, and I'm just curious of how constant you want the smoker smoking? Obviously the smoke...

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    Started by The_Smoke_Jyant

  • Brisket Help

    Hey, y'all! We recently switched from a Masterbuilt smoker to a pellett smoker. We made chicken thighs and Turkey breast in it last week that came...

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    Started by Sarahlee426

  • Cherry wood

    I have cut a large cherry tree down and split it for firewood however I was wondering if it would be worth more to people that smoke meat?

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    Started by Chris raab

  • Selling food trailer in Ohio

    Does anyone know where else to list trailers or trucks? Used as a BBQ trailer. Listing is below, looking for help or insight! Not selling the...

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    Started by SarahRader

  • Don Grissom’s

    Has anyone heard from Don Grissom lately?

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    Started by Ricksalmon

  • Testing the Water -- selling my Geer/Jambo J3

    I've had the BEST luck selling excess BBQ equipment on The BBQ Forum, so I thought I'd post this here. I've owned this pit since 2006 and have...

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    Started by CandySueQ

  • New YouTube Channel - Check us Out!

    Hello....It's been a while since I posted here (old name was Squeeze) and I wanted to share a project that Mike Davis (Lotta Bull BBQ) and I have...

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    Started by UniversityOfQue

  • Mr brisket

    who all uses them wanting too order 10 16 pounders hoping for some good feedback thanks

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    Started by chip gray

  • Bbbq-porch........

    Does anyone know what happened to it?????

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    Started by Jackitup

  • Pink beef jerky

    Hello this is my first post on this fourm . My name is Rob i live in alberta Canada. I am making beef jerky on a pitboss copperhead 7 series. It is a...

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    Started by Rdp69

  • Top 5 Best Barbecue Sauces You Can Buy Online in USA

    1. Stubb’s Original American BBQ Sauce 2. Crazy Mooskies Original BBQ sauce 3. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce 4. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que...

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    Started by karenadler

  • Lid thermometer

    Hi, I'm brand new on this world and need some guidance. I just bought a Weber Genesis II E-410 and immediately started cooking my first ribs with...

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    Started by ssimoro

  • Barbecue Gift Guide

    01. Thermoworks Smoke 02. iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer 03. Barbecue Grill Light 04. Grill Grates 05. Red Dragon Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit...

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    Started by karenadler

  • Smoking a brisket - Based on the Advises from Aaron Franklin

    A brisket in all its juicy deliciousness forms one of the Big 3s of BBQ along with ribs and pork shoulder. We all know how mouth-watering a...

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    Started by karenadler

  • Need help smoking a brisket

    Hey guys I have a question. So I have a 14lb Brisket I'm wanting to smoke for a Christmas party but it is too large to fit in my masterbuilt...

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    Started by Mspirk

  • TWAS the NIGHT

    TWAS the NIGHT Twas the night before Christmas And all thru the pit Not a item was moving, Not even the spit. The utensils were hung on the...

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    Started by Raine

  • Forum loading slow

    Is it just me or is the forum loading slower and slower as time progresses. Sometimes I'm using a Verizon hot spot and others a cable modem. I know...

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    Started by songdog

  • Back on the forum

    Hey, all. My name is Todd. I used to be on this forum years ago when I was competing. Now I'm starting a food truck in Boise, Idaho. Just wanted to...

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    Started by Rockin' Q BBQ Company

  • Ole Hickory CTO-DW for Sale

    Purchased new in October of 2014. Our restaurant outgrew her but she's a beaut. We can ship to anywhere in the continental US.

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    Started by rjevans123

  • new Weber Smoky Mt

    been bbqing for a long time most on an offset pit, then a treager which I really like but looking to get into competitions first one is scheduled...

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    Started by Dennis Miner

  • Hey Ray

    Am I missing it, or no longer an option, how do you search the old forum? Thanks Glenn

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    Started by Glenn

  • Need help

    So I fell asleep longer than planned. I started smoking 50lbs of pork butts around 6:00pm I fell asleep with the little man around 1:00am had enough...

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    Started by Nick

  • Temp probe organizer

    I am tied of my temp probes getting jumbled up or having to use multiple twist ties to keep them organized. I have seen a few organizers but most...

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    Started by Muzzy

  • Pricing formula

    i know this has probably been discussed ad nauseum in the past but I'm not having much luck searching. Maybe I'm not using the right keywords. Please...

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    Started by Rockin' Q BBQ Company

  • New to BBQ and need some advice

    I recently bought an 18" Weber Smokey Mountain cooker. I've used it three times with uneven results. Last weekend I cooked a 5 lb bone-in pork...

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    Started by OaklandSteve

  • Questions and Answers about working with this forum

    I have started this thread to answer any questions that anyone might have about how to work with this forum. In the future feel free to post anything...

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    Started by rayb

  • Sheesh! ya go away for a bit, and everywhitng gets changed...

    the original redc1c4 here, dropping back in to see what's up and who's smoking, where... i used CaptBill's rub/paste recipe yesterday on a 6# rib...

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    Started by redc1c4

  • Rib-O-Lator, anyone tried it out???

    https://www.ribolator.com/product/test-product/ I watched some youtube videos, read some reviews, seems like a pretty good product. Anyone got...

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    Started by Jackitup

  • Smoke, Fire, and Dinosaurs

    If you have followed the news lately you know that the town of Paradise, Ca. is pretty much burnt to the ground from the Camp Fire. With all the...

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    Started by songdog


    Smoke EM IF You Got EM Springfield, MO Grand Champion: BRICKHEAD BBQ Polar Pig BBQ Cook-Off (Duel A) Concord, NC Grand Champion: ...

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    Started by rayb